Clap your hands By Thomas Sauvin
The digital interactive installation Clap your hands features 200.000 images presented in overwhelming succession where the clap of your hands allows to save an image for an instant before it’s deletion of the database.

Life size By Eric Tabuchi
Life Size is a video installation by french artist Eric Tabuchi based on his digital archive of architectural images, The Atlas of forms.

Eurasia By TONK
(Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs) Eurasia project is travelogue of a road trip through the Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia.

Vertical system of an echo
By Baptiste Giroudon Winner project of Cosmos PDF award 2016 Vertical system of an echo is a series of images taken in Libya in 2011 during the fall of Tripoli, built as a crescendo narrative, it tells the urban voyage of a documentary photographer who tries to understand the environment of a war zone.

Equestrian and hippiatrical album of the cavalry school , 1893 From the Archives of the French Society of Photography
Presented by Luce Lebart and Olivier Cablat This unique album is incredibly modern, by mixing a documentary purpose to a burlesque approach and a free graphic design

Minutes of Hearing
By Mustafa Cevahir Akbas, 2016 Pictures fro the protest movement of Gezi parc and Taksim place are printed by cyanotype on election materials. Mustafa Cevahir Akbas embodies the youth, engaged and creative contemporary Istanbul.

By Maurizio Cattelan et Pierpaolo Ferrari Courtesy Toiletpaper, Seletti & Galerie Perrotin The image depicts a dialogue between the eye and the mouth, maybe asking us what the dominant sense is in relationship to the visual arts.

The street and modern life
By Hans Eijkelboom Video installation from a digital capture sequence taken in the streets of Birmingham (UK). hans Eijkelboom is once again exploring the most innovative forms of documentation.

Digital & Horses
Digital installation accompanied by a publication, 2016 The Horse is one of the symbolical animals of the Camargue, the Digital is the main vector of photographic transmission and distribution since at least fifteen years. This year again we have invited photographers, historians, amateurs, and professionals to share with us their vision of the two categories.

Scenes from the Life of the Bicycle Racers
A portfolio by Manuel Gasser, Zurich 1943 Collection of the Swiss Foundation for Photography, Winterthur Presented by Peter Pfrunder

The Last of the Lucky
A project by Klara Kallstrom and Thobias Fäldt, 2016
The Last of the Lucky stems from an encounter in the streets of Havana in 2014, when Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt met a man who turned out to be one of Fidel Castro¹s former private photographers. In a city lacking most photographic equipment, the photographer helped them find film for their camera. Three rolls named Lucky were put at their disposal, accompanied by the following words: ³These are the last rolls of Cuba.²


20/20, in the minds of designers
IDEAT Magazine invites 20 international designers to purpose 20 original, personal compositions illustrating school memories.