While the histories of photography are being constantly shaped, artists are diverging more and more from the classical canon. But continuity in one way or the other (wether under economical, stylistic, historical or personal considerations) can be understood as a healthy basis for experimentation. The experiments we are interested in surprise us first of all by shaking our beliefs in continuity and continuance, but time will test the radicalness of each proposition. We consider experimentation in the arts as a heritage of the 20th century which the digital but amplifies in it's own way. So while we've been heavily invested in the digital since our beginnings, it's certainly not the answer to everything. Cosmos has been slowly growing over the last 7 years, but our place in the festival this year also confronts us with new reflections and considerations. We love experiments, and we love the confusing continuity of the photographic world - so why not have them together?

In 2015 Cosmos has invited 10 entities (Institutions, galleries, curators, publishers) to reply to the following questions:
How can photography experiment while keeping an open dialogue with the history that nourishes it?
How to uncategorize and free photography from old-fashioned models?
Which economical models can respond to the overall crisis that endanger artists?
How to use interactivity and information sharing in a dynamic and creative way?
What new ways of seeing and feeling can be devised in a limited space?
How to effectively communicate your work during a festival?

In result Cosmos and the participants have conceived ten exhibitions around the guiding principle “Continuity“. We don't propose a subject-based nor a generation-based exhibition, but a survey of projects and ways of inventing new relations with images and publishing in all it's forms, proposals that we deemed important enough to share with you.